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29-year-old hears herself for the first time [video]


Sarah Churman was born deaf, but doctors recently fitted her with a hearing implant, allowing the 29-year-old to hear her own voice, laugh, and cry for the first time.

Via TDW.

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  • toby pollett

    I hang with a deaf lady at a coffee shop now and again. Her education, for those of us with hearing, was phenomenal. Although intonation was off a little her speech, after 13 years of training, was equal to all of the rest of our friends despite the intonation. I wrote our conversations most of the time though because of the strain this created, though willingly, in my friend. The lady in the video speaks like her.
    I expect the cynical side of me would agree with those who think she speaks to "normally" but has I said the intonation and syntax is the same has my friend. I would imagine her speech would be the same given the same medical treatment.
    Has far as religion and science folks go I would suggest to the prayer folks that science created the cure but the amazing feeling at her reaction was god.

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