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Finding what you love

Piper Otterbein explains how she overcame dyslexia in this inspiring video.

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  • This girl is so amazing and inspiring! not just for girls or dyslexic kids but for her entire generation.  I hope that a crazy amount of young people can watch this video and get inspired!

  • Kudos to Piper for telling her story! Similarly, a friend of mine has Dyslexia and had similar childhood stories. She followed her passion and has been an Elementary school teacher from over ten years in math, science, and art.


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  • Dyslexia can be frustrating. As a young child it most certainly inhibited me from reading when my peers did. I got over that though. I no longer have any issues with letters. I still have to check my math to this day though. Flipping one number can make a big difference when you are at a drive through or are just doing every day math.

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