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How to jump off a cliff


What does it feel like to throw yourself off a rock in the Alps nearly 2,000 feet high? BASE jumpers and wingsuiters from all over the world come to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, where this sport is legal, to find out. A handy cable car carries these daredevils to the top, allowing them to make as many as six jumps in a day. Are they nuts? Do they have a death wish? National Geographic’s Digital Nomad Andrew Evans spent a day with some jumpers and concluded no, they actually love life: “Less than one minute has passed, but in those few seconds, these men have sped through the cycle of mortality: the great fall, the sureness of death, and just at the point of no return, a sudden second chance of life—the thrill of rebirth, the radical joy of being alive.”

Full story and scary video at Digital Nomad.

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    just shoot me and then throw me off…

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