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Police forced to break up eagle flock’s free lunch [video]


Nothing gets Americans in a flutter like anyone getting a free lunch, but apparently our country’s national symbol hasn’t gotten the memo.

Police were called by alarmed car owners when a flock of approximately forty bald eagles descended on a truck full of fish in a Safeway parking lot in Alaska.

When Officer Bill Simms arrived, [Jessica] Earnshaw says he put on his sirens, which scared off some of the eagles, and then he went into the fray.

Earnshaw: “He’s like, ‘okay, you two, just get your keys ready and then when I shoo them away, run into your cars.’ And we did.”

We assume the truck’s owner learned a valuable lesson about why not to leave garbage bags full of fish in the bed.

Full story at KUCB via Mashable.

When animals attack?


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