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Solar panels for your pants


A new line of clothes come with its own solar panels to charge small electronics in your pocket. For the low, low price of $920, you can own a pair of Go Urban Cargo Pants, which boasts “fly front, low-slung drawstring waist, and two back patch pockets with button down flaps”.

  • “Two side cargo pockets each comes with independently functioning power supply.”
  • They won’t generate enough renewable energy to power an NFL stadium, but the pocket-sized solar panels will be able to charge small electronic items like MP3 players and smart phones.
  • The 6 x 8 inch solar panels can be connected to one of those devices through a USB port, allowing a supply voltage of 5 volts.

Full story at Discovery News.

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  • Brisbane SEO Girl

    I wonder if the lack of comments here indicates that no-one has actually bought one of these items of clothing..? Also, is there any risk inherent with the close contact? I love how ‘Jetson’s’ it all is though :)

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