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The boombox returns, this time in a backpack


Back in the ‘80s, you had to be committed to the tunage to lug around a classic boombox for whenever the urge to dance struck (and a sizable piece of cardboard to be on the safe side), but the Boompack from Massimo Battaglia offers a full multimedia experience tucked inside the convenience of a backpack.

As explained at Technabob:

The design calls for 100-watts of power, with 8 speaker drivers, a built-in rechargeable battery – good for at least 6 hours, a 200-lumen pico projector, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for your smartphone. The pack is also designed to be impact and water-resistant, and could stand on its own if you set it down on the ground or on a tabletop.

We don’t see anyplace to stash a sizable piece of cardboard, but with your hands free, you could carry one for you and a friend.

And any boombox reference isn’t complete until there’s Breakin‘ going on.

Full story at Giving Shape via Technabob.

Designed for dancin’ in the streets.

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