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What do the 16 digits on a credit card mean? [infographic]

Via Budget Planner Software at Mint

Keep your personal finances in order.

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  • andrewfmertes

    Are you sure it doesn’t work Andy Hall? Here, give me your credit card numbers. I will double check for you.

  • Robert A Goodmore

    WAIT! Thats MY credit card number!. Fortunately nobody will be able to use it after july 2014, because thats when it expires… and nobody knows that my security code is 359.

  • Mathew

    Thanks Robert, i could buy couple of items from Ebay using your card

  • [...] a “checksum” that’s used to make sure your credit card number is not invalid via a cleverly simple math trick known as the Luhn [...]

  • garv kapoor

    it is a good article on credit cards…pls keep writing more

  • [...] The infographic originally appeared on Alltop. [...]

  • garv kapoor

    hey that’s a wonderful primer on credit cards…a must see for all credit card users and merchants…i have come across another wonderful site on finance related topics…www.infopleez.com…pls visit that site and look at detailed analysis on LIC plans, LIC jeevan anand plan,LIC jeevan arogya plan etc.

  • Wow, that’s pretty interesting!

  • Andy

    The 7th and following digits,excluding the final digit would be a billion possible combinations not a trillion, right?

  • this is not for my credit card.. my credit car is 58… but i can use my card on shops and e-shops. And on the picture, the credit card number is ending 2.. but it is ending 3 in caltulating.

  • Amazing infographic, enjoyed it.

  • Nice info that I didn’t know about credit card. I will try to validate my credit card number right now :D

  • Good one. Informative.

  • harsha

    try storii.in to post your valuble stories of life

  • vicky

    what does 8 digit mean in the middle of the numbers…….??????

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