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When tiny sharks attack [video]

It isn’t often you hear the phrase “shark attack” and the word “cute” thrown together, but thanks to bad aim on the shark’s part, we can say it with some confidence.

Of course, we weren’t the person it decided to snack on.

Full story at YouTube.

When animals attack…and it’s kinda sweet.

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  • 3dpenguin

    It was some what funny until the ass started flicking the shark around and keeping it out of the water even though it was no longer attached.

  • Mark

    of course, if i got my hand on that little shark he would of been shark meat.

  • Jessy

    i think it would be okay if the shark wouldn’t let go and he had to get out of the water to get the shark off ?

  • Manos

    Little sharks have little sharp teeth. He was wearing a bright red pants which would make the shark interested. The little was trying to hold on until his father could come.

  • The shark in question is a “nurse” shark. It’s not uncommon for small nurse sharks to swim around snorkelers or scuba divers and attach themselves to one of the divers. They first suck in and then bite down on the divers wet suit, arm, chest, etc. The diver becomes the host or “mother” for the small shark. The best way to get the shark off is to simply relax, be as still as possible, and the shark will normally let go and swim away. Sometimes after the shark lets go they will continue to swim around the diver and may try to attach themselves again. You can push them away or simply get out of the water. I swam with a nurse shark attached to my left arm (with wet suit on) for the duration of a dive tour, and on many occasions. Other divers could pet the shark without disturbing it. I preferred letting the nurse shark bite down on a glove as I could pass the shark to other divers and let them swim with it for awhile. Some divers were either not relaxed or scared as the shark would thrash about when they tried to pet it. Relax, relax, relax…Cheers…

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