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10 big Facebook secrets


If there were a list of the Internet’s great mysteries, Facebook’s newsfeed would be among them. Why does your news feed always show your crazy cousin, but not your best friend? Facebook doesn’t share explicit details about who does and doesn’t make the feed, but that’s why we have the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast took an investigative eye to the news feed and tracked thousands of feed items over several weeks. In particular, the Daily Beast focused on Phil Simonetti, a 60-year-old Facebook newbie, who agreed to let the Daily Beast monitor his activity. Two dozen of Simonetti’s hand-picked Facebook friends tracked how often Simonetti’s status updates appeared on their feeds.

Findings included:

  • “Stalking” Your Friends Won’t Get You Noticed.
  • Having Friends Who Stalk You WILL Help Your Popularity.
  • Photos and Videos Trump Links
  • Links Trump Status Updates.

Full story at The Daily Beast.

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