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How 10 brands are killing it on Instagram

Making an impression on social media is all about imagery, so it’s no surprise that Instagram is the powerhouse it is when it comes to social media marketing for business.

Learn how ten brands are maximizing their reach and making a killing on this incredibly popular platform, and how you can to with the help of Canva Design School.

01. Display Killer, High-quality Imagery


Who better to take inspiration from than Instagram itself? Instagram posts are of crisp, high quality imagery. There are no fuzzy snapshots here. The more clean and sharp your image is, the more pleasant it is on the eye and the more likely it is to get ‘liked’.

Also remember that your subject matter should be relevant to your brand. Though they show a seemingly random assorment of images, Instagram always manages to stay true to their branding through excellent visual curation…

02. Use Your Product Creatively


If you sell products, take a look at what Oreo is doing.

These four Instagram images are all drastically different. There’s an image of cookies neatly stacked in jars, another showing the cookies as essential office supplies, one promoting a new flavor and its packaging, and one used to create a beachy scene.

Even though all of these images are different, they’re all visually creative and showcase the Oreo product quite effectively. All of the images are cohesive in both tone and color, while providing a consistent message about Oreo (that it’s the world’s favorite cookie)  in completely unique ways…

Full story at Canva Design School.

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