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10 Chrome extensions you won’t want to miss

Considering the time we all spend browsing the internet, any tool that makes it easier is welcome.

It’s hard to keep up with the many extensions available in Google Chrome, so AndroidCentral hunted down ten you won’t want to miss.

Dark Reader


Chrome’s natural white background can become tiresome after a few hours of viewing — Dark Reader has the answer. It changes blinding, bright pages into high-contrast, dark-themed pages that are easy on the eyes. You can adjust the filters and font settings and add certain webpages to an ignore list in the case of complete incompatibility.

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TL;DR is the answer to articles on the internet that are too long to read. Highlight article text, click the TL;DR button located next to your address bar, and read a well-constructed summary of the article. You can adjust the length of the summary depending on how much time you have or how involved you want to get. It does a good job of condensing the article without cutting out important bits of information.

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Full story at AndroidCentral.

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