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10 commonly misunderstood words [infographic]

Via Grammar.net.

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  • Gary Morris

    I like this site so far. Is there a discussion on misspelling somewhere? I get irritated when people use "loose" for "lose", to name one. When I was young, I learned all that, and rarely ever do things like that. It has a tendency to throw me off while reading it as well. I see way TOO many "too"’s when they mean "to". Or vice-versa, like "I don’t need to much" or "Don’t you think we’ve been here to long? I’m ready too go" Then, there’s words that have now "common" ways of pronunciation, like for instance "Whooping cough". Since it’s just now making a comeback, folks who aren’t at least CLOSE to my age tend to say "wooping" like when I was a kid and got a whooping once in a while. I’ve checked a couple of dictionaries as they often have "alternate pronunciations", but I only found the CORRECT one, Hoop-ing cough