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10 eerie abandoned hotels

Thanks to Psycho, there’s almost nothing with the potential to creep us out as much as a hotel, especially an abandoned hotel. Take Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, for example. This monstrosity just sits there in the center of town, like something out of 1984. As far as we can tell, it’s totally empty on the inside since the government ran out of money to finish the project.


The Bokor Palace Hotel in Cambodia. This was a popular place among Europeans in Cambodia  until things in Vietnam got dicey in 1940s. Now it sits empty and, allegedly, haunted by the Cambodians who died building it. What do you think, does it look haunted?


Full story at Kizaz.

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  • What about the Stanley Hotel in Denver, Colorado? It is full of poltergeists. T.A.P.S. (the Atlantic Paranormal Society) has been to that hotel to study it.

  • Why do I only see 2? Where are the other 8?

  • adwheeler Click under the picture where it says “Full story at Kizaz.”

  • Rich

    This article was abandoned

  • Audrey

    Judy Rilkoff , the Stanley isn’t listed cuz that hotel isn’t abandoned !! It has tons of tourists all the time and I think it even hosts an annual horror film festival