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10 Egyptian landmarks that aren’t pyramids


Ancient history and culture lures thousands of tourists to Egypt every year, with good reason: The country houses some of the most amazing architectural achievements of antiquity.

Beyond the Great Pyramids, what else should a visitor see on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this diverse country that’s rich with culture and character? Make sure these Egyptian non-pyramid landmarks find a spot on your itinerary.

  • Temple of Luxor: The temple was constructed about 1400 B.C. under the supervision of Amenhotep III and Rameses II, and dedicated to the gods Amun-Ra, Mut (goddess of queenship), and Khonsu (moon god), and to the cult of Ka (the royal spirit).
  • Library of Alexandria: As the largest and most comprehensive library of its time, its collections included more than 700,000 scrolls and served as a resource for literary and scientific thinkers that helped shape the world.
  • The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities: . With more than 100,000 items, it’s said that if you spent just one minute on each item it would take over nine months to complete the tour.

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  • Denny Mathews

    This was a great post. I’ve heard about some of these places when watching the movie "The Mummy".

    I’ll make it a point to visit those places the next time I visit Egypt. Thanks for sharing.

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