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10 essential Facebook etiquette tips


Being on Facebook won’t be good for your brand if you offend the very clientele you wish to attract, but if your presence on social media hasn’t delivered the returns you expected, you might be violating one of these ten essential etiquette points laid out by Entrepreneur’s Kevin Allen.

Minding one’s Ps and Qs isn’t just for the dinner table anymore.

1. Stop asking people to”like” your updates. A few years ago, it was common to see posts that started with “Like this post if…” Sadly, it’s still common. Create remarkable content. and people will like it–and”like” it.

If you think about it, a”like” is an empty action–the simplest form of engagement. Asking for people to like your status is cheap and adds no value to your fans’ news feeds. 

2. Don’t overpost. Quite simply, if you clog up news feeds, people are going to hide, unsubscribe, and even”unlike” your brand’s page.

The same goes for your personal page. Obviously, we’re all free to give our friends as many updates about our lives as we want, but you should beware of the consequences.

Full story at Entrepreneur.

Facebook  Etiquette 101

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