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10 fun facts about champagne

Some prefer whiskey, some wine, but the ultimate libation for toasting is champagne.

If you’re in need of small talk leading up to the big toast, throw out a few of these fun facts courtesy of Care2’s Diana Vilibert.

Champagne really does get you tipsy faster.

You’ve probably heard (or felt) that Champagne goes straight to your head—and science agrees. One experiment found that alcohol levels in participants drinking Champagne were higher after 20 minutes than in those drinking flat sparkling wine, suggesting the bubbles are to blame (or thank) for the effect.

Champagne may be good for your brain.

Got leftovers after the ball drops? Bring on the mimosas—in a 2013 study, University of Reading researchers found that compounds in two grapes used to make bubbly can have a positive effect on spatial memory and learning. One to three glasses a week could counteract memory loss associated with aging.

Full story at Care2.

Trivia to get you tipsy.

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