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10 great 2013 goals for social entrepreneurs


It’s a great time for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a big heart to be getting into business, but if you fall into that category and are wondering which direction to go in 2013, Eli Malinsky at Fast Company has a great list of resolutions for you to keep in mind.


If you aren’t talking to your users, you’re doing it wrong. Find ways to engage your clients in program, product, and service design. The only way to be relevant is to ensure that you are grounded in the realities of your audiences. And remember that their needs change over time–you should be changing with them.


The social and environmental challenges we are trying to address are often symptoms of unhealthy systems. Try to go a layer deeper in your search for impact. If you can solve the problem that’s causing the problem, you’ll be two steps ahead.

Full story at Fast Company.

A great year for social entrepreneurship.

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