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10 great geeky travel accessories


Every nationality seems to have its stereotypes when it comes to traveling, but for those of the geek nation, Jane Leung at CNNGo has ten travel accessories to clearly identify yourself as part of this elite category of world citizenry.

1. The technological determinist: iPhone lens dial (above)

You know the guy; he frowns at the girl with the Nokia E71 like she’s an escaped Amish milkmaid…

…He never looks up from his camera and only documents vacations via iPhone where he will Photoshop and upload to Facebook/Twitter/Google+…

The attachable extension has three lenses, a 0.7x wide-angle to snap panoramic views, a 0.33x fisheye lens for extra drama, and a 1.5x telephoto lens.

Photo Jojo Lens Dial, US$250, photojojo.com

2. The Doraemon: 18-pocket trench


The Doraemon always has a bottomless bag, but instead of guided missiles and dream-reading machines, she unknowingly accumulates lipsticks, lighters, manicure kits, needles and nunchucks…

…iPad, camera, phone, water bottle, sunnies and more can all get tucked into the coat without looking like she’s extremely bloated.

Features include: 18 pockets, clear inside pockets, zipper and magnetic closures on pockets, and water bottle holder. Comes in red, black, mud, mist, thyme, periwinkle and paprika.

Scotte Vest Woman’s Trench, US$150, www.scottevest.com

Full story at CNNGo.

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