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10 great ideas for small businesses using social media


Looking to give your small business social media strategy a boost?

Sheer Ganor at Soshable has ten great tips for promoting your presence online so that everyone in your area knows just where to go when your services are required.

Mull them over this weekend, then meet Monday with a plan in hand. What better way to start a week?

– First make sure that people on Facebook can “check-in” to your business when they drop by. This is especially popular for eating establishments and bars. You want your check-in linked to a Facebook page.

– Register your biz with Foursquare as well because they now give you access to the names of all of the people who checked in to your business so you can study their behavior as a customer and target them more directly.

– Get ready for the all new Facebook graph search which allows people to find local businesses according to the likes of its fans. This feature is currently available a limited number of accounts, but it’s coming our way soon!

Full story at Soshable.

Small business tips for social media.

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  • you are right, social media is a great way to promote a business, it does not matter if you just started out or have been here for long,just register in as many social media as possible and get actively involve.

  • Thanks for the post on small business services. I have read your whole post and I really liked it. Great Work.