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10 high-tech gadgets to keep your kids safe


One of the things many parents envied in Harry Potter was the clock Mrs. Weasley used to keep track of her large brood, but without the help of wizard magic, what’s a worried Muggle parent to do?

Turns out, technology is quickly catching up allowing us to keep an eye on our kids as never before, if that’s what it takes to give you peace of mind. Avram Piltch at LiveScience has found ten gadgets and apps to help you keep an eye on your little (or not so little) ones, wherever they may be.

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator ($24.95)

…For just $25, the Mommy I’m Here Child Locator comes with two pieces: a cute teddy-bear shaped device that attaches to your child’s ankle or wrist and a keychain transmitter for parents to hold. When you get separated from your kid at Toys R’ Us, you simply hit a button on the transmitter and the child’s anklet will emit a loud shrieking sound so you can easily find her.

Amber Alert GPS V3 ($199)

…The Amber Alert GPS V3 is small enough to fit in even a tiny pocket while tracking your child’s location both indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world. Amber Alert’s management software allows parents to set geofencing zones in locations where the child should be so they can receive email or text alerts when the child enters or leaves a zone.

The device features an SOS button the child can hit in an emergency and the ability to conduct 2-way calls between parent and child. Amber Alert’s service, which costs $14.99 to $24.99 a month, is also integrated with the National Sex Offender Registry to alert you when your kid is within 500 feet of an offender’s home.

Full story at LiveScience.

Trying to keep kids safe.

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