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10 hostel mates to make you hostile


Traveling the world is a great experience, and years later when your backpack is gathering dust or doing double-duty as a diaper bag, you’ll (hopefully) only remember the best of times, but those adventures wouldn’t be complete without the few bumps on the road known as hostel mates.

Jordan Burchette and Jane Leung at CNNGo have rounded up a list of suspects to be on the watch for and how to make the most of their acquaintance.

The one-man eating band

How to identify: He dines on only the most pungent, debris-yielding, noisily packaged foodstuffs … at all times. His bunk is no more a sleeping quarters than an ogre’s lair of gnashed pork byproducts and discarded nut husks.

Reason to hate: Once the crumbs fall from his beard and bounce off his shirt, they inevitably land on the floor, inviting exotic foreign insects to crawl under your skin at night.

Redeeming quality: After misinterpreting your death stare for interest, he offers you a yogurt granola bar.

The top-bunk bladder

How to identify: Up and down that bunk ladder like he’s on night duty, this leaky faucet can’t remain still for more than 90 seconds before having to clamber back down from his bunk in the noisiest fashion possible for a 29th trip to the bathroom or smoking area.

Reason to hate: Right when you’re dozing off, he uses your bed as a step, crushing your left arm.

Redeeming quality: Considerately refrains from smoking or peeing on top of you.

Full story at CNNGo.

The dark side of travel.

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