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10 incredible storage unit treasures

A storage unit is a potential treasure chest waiting to be discovered, as the popularity of shows like Storage Wars can attest to, but what are some of the stranger finds brave explorers of these modern mysteries have discovered?

WeirdlyOdd.com took a look through the records and what they found will never let you look at these fixtures of neighborhoods across the country the same way again.


One man in Michigan uncovered denotative ammunition in a handgun case he had found in the storage unit he purchased. He immediately returned it to the authorities, but not before bragging to firefighters that he had something they would most certainly want to see.

The clothes of Aretha Franklin

The queen of soul’s clothes were sold to the highest bidder after the celebrity stopped paying her due fees in a storage unit.

Knight Rider replication

A replica of the famous nineteen eighties TV show’s co-star to David Hasselhoff, a high-tech nearly unbreakable Artificial Intelligence car was discovered in a UK Storage Company. The discoverer pulled up to work in his sweet new ride, sporting a smug grin on his face as his co-workers glared at him in immense jealously.

Full story at WeirdlyOdd.com.

Behind closed doors.

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