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10 lesser-known herbs to spice up your kitchen & garden

Gardeners in wintry climes are busy planning this year’s spread, and if you’ve been looking for ways to add some new dimensions to your cooking this year, herbs are the way to go.

Care2’s Andrea Moore has ten suggestions to either grow yourself or look out for at the farmer’s market, complete with a recipes and other suggestions on how to use them.

If variety is the spice of life, herbs are the easy way to get it.

Savory (winter and summer): These herbs add the je ne sais quoi to Herbes de Provence, but they’re delicious on their own in bean stews and hearty soups. Choose winter savory for a heavier, piney taste with cheese dishes and summer savory for a more subtle peppery pique in creamy soups.

Lemon balm and lemon verbena: All the zest with none of the acid. Keep these two herbs in your cupboard as a quick sub for lemon in almost any recipe, from beverages hot and cold to salads and soups.

Full story at Care2.

Mouthwatering garden additions.

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