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10 little-known punctuation marks whose time has come

irony mark

With all of the misunderstandings occurring in e-mails, texts and various posts on social media, it’s high time for some new punctuation to clear the air.

Flavorwire’s Emily Temple has rounded up ten obscure forms of punctuation ready-made to express the subtleties of modern communication and hopefully kill the overuse of exclamation marks once and for all.

Die, exclamation mark, die.

The Irony Mark (above)

Introduced in the 19th century by Alcanter de Brahm, the Irony Mark is exactly what it sounds like — an indicator that the sentence should be understood on “another level.” And the mark generally precedes the sentence, so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you start reading.

interro punctuation

The Interrobang

It has all the drama and excitement of “?!” but without having to type two characters. What could be more useful than that?!

sarc punctuation

The SarcMark

This squiggle, invented by Paul Sak, isn’t the first proposed punctuation mark to denote sarcasm, but it’s definitely the weirdest to look at, so we’re voting for it, if only for absurdity’s sake.

Full story at Flavorwire.

Enriching the language one squiggle at a time.

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