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10 (mildly disturbing) lessons in love from the animal kingdom


When looking for answers to the unending questions about our love lives, we often turn our attention to the animal kingdom, preferably those species who mate for life and can’t live without one another, blah, blah, blah.

The thing is, when one looks deeply enough, the animal kingdom has far more to teach us than formulaic rom-coms, though they’re not always the lessons we really wanted to hear. One can’t help but be intrigued by the unique perspective of Italo Marzotto at Into the Wild, if slightly disturbed.

Hey, it’s a jungle out there and not everyone gets out with their family jewels intact.

Told you it was disturbing.

One true love

The question is always the same: how to find one’s true love? Do we have to stop looking for it (because it should magically appear) or [may we] follow the atlas moth male[‘s] example? This animal, from the moment he opens his wings, seeks his partner until death. Also, he never lands to eat. The priority is another, so it has no mouth. Basically it all happens in one week: he flies and finds the partner, he jumps on her and, sapped of his last remaining energy, falls on the forest floor, [a] victim of love. How much are we the humans ready to sacrifice for love?

Size matters?

Dolichophallus, meaning “long penis”, is the scientific name given to the banana slug. As you understand, his name comes from the male genitalia size, which can measure the length of its entire body… [W]hat we might learn from this mollusk is that size is most definitely not everything. After hours of copulation, it often happens that the larger slug get its genitals stuck. The receiving slug assists the partner tearing the other’s genitals away. In conclusion, let’s remember that bigger is not always better.

Full story at Into the Wild.

Never a dull moment in anthropology.

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