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10 most unique golf courses

Nothing like a Monday morning to get you to focus on what’s really important: Planning next weekend’s golf outing. To get you in the mood, here’s a look at ten one-of-a-kind courses courtesy of the folks at Oddee.

Most dangerous golf course


The US Army maintains a golf course within the DMZ separating North and South Korea. It is the only course in the world that requires all players to be armed, and the “caddy” is actually a trained counter-sniper. The “course” consists of a single 192-yard, par-3 hole that sits 440 yards from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea.

Golf to go


Car nut John McArthur has the ultimate green motor after turning his Skoda into a mini-golf course – and he doesn’t even play the game himself. The 22-year-old has covered the Felicia with fake grass from bumper to bonnet, complete with flag on the roof and a bunker. 

Most extreme 19th hole


Should you choose to holiday in the vicinity of the 22,000 hectare Entabeni Safari Conservancy in South Africa, make an effort to play at least one round of golf at The Legend Golf Resort, surely one of the most beautiful courses yet to be created. If the surrounding scenery isn’t enough to guarantee your attendance, just take a look at the aptly named ‘Extreme 19th Hole’ in the photographs above and reconsider. The good news: it’s a par 3. The bad news: you need to jump in a helicopter to reach the tee, which is situated nearly half a kilometre above the green, near the tip of Hangslip mountain.

Full story at Oddee.

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  • kraziegolf

    your report neglected to mention the 2 black light miniature golf courses linked here: http://www.krazie-golf.com