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10 mouthwatering ways to stuff a mushroom

Setting aside the obsession with pumpkin spice for a moment, there’s something about the earthy flavor of mushrooms that smacks of fall, especially if they’re filled with delicious ingredients.

Mix up your dinner routine or experiment in the hors d’oeuvre department with these mouthwatering stuffed mushroom recipes from Care2. They’re especially good for providing a vegan-friendly option without sacrificing flavor.

1. Soyrizo Stuffed Mushrooms

Spicy vegan sausage and homemade guacamole pile high in these grilled, stuffed portobello mushroom caps.

2. Italian Farro Stuffed Mushrooms

This is another stuffed portobello mushroom recipe, starring farro! If you’ve never had farro before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a large, chewy grain that’s similar in taste and texture to a wheat berry.

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