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10 nit-picky demands made by World Cup teams

If you’ve ever seen a soccer player fake an injury to get a foul call, you know they can be divas. This list of ten wacky demands that World Cup teams made of their hotels is only going to reinforce that impression. The Japanese national team, for example, demanded that every player has a spa room in his hotel room, including a jacuzzi. The Swiss wanted to make sure they could keep up with Swiss TV, so they demanded two local channels available in every room.

Light sleepers will envy Uruguay’s national team, who demanded hotel rooms with totally silent air conditioners. The French lived up to their reputation by demanding that all players have identically colored rooms, a cell-phone ban, and only liquid soap in the bathrooms. See the rest at the full story.

Full story at Mental Floss.

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  • Dr. Amjad Burq

    It gives an attention that how players set up themselves for a world level activity. Their performance in the FIFA World Cup -2014 will also endorse the relevance of their demand!

  • I guess if World Cups come around once every 4 years they’re entitled to some perks 😉