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10 Olympians making unintentionally funny faces

When prowling photographers are capturing an athlete’s every expression, it’s not always easy to radiate grace


While we can forgive an athlete who’s, say, lifting more than 150 pounds over her head, like North Korea’s Jong Sim Rim here, for not always looking particularly poised, that doesn’t mean we can resist smiling at her unintentionally goofball expression. Caught on camera by omnipresent photographers, these 10 contorted faces are both testaments to Olympians’ endurance — and kinda funny.

Rein it in


Australian high-diver Matthew Mitcham curls his body into a tight ball but lets his jaw hang slack, somewhat Eeyore-ishly, during a practice dive July 25.

Be the ball


Matiss Burgis of Latvia savors every move in his men’s singles, second-round table tennis match against Alexey Smirnov of Russia July 29.

Wait for it


Japan’s Kenichi Tago watches the birdie like a slightly maniacal hawk during the men’s singles group C badminton match July 30.

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