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10 people who got famous off Twitter


Social media boasts its own unique set of celebrities, people who have scored fame (or infamy) by craftily sharing the mundane and occasionally details of their life. The Frisky highlights ten folks who scored fame by tweeting:


iJustine is one of a scary group of girls who is gorgeous and also into all those things boys nerd out about when they’re together. (See: Olivia Munn). Justine Ezarik is a vlogger (video blogger), most famous for her video “300-page iPhone bill.” She also has over 1,137,000 followers, so I guess she’s won the internet?


Sockington, Jason Scott’s cat, is known by some as “the most famous cat on Twitter.” With over 1,529,000 followers, Sockington tweets about all the things a cat might be thinking and his owner sells t-shirts on his website and is trying to score a book deal. Yeah, get in line, tuna breath!

Jason Sweeney aka @sween

Jason Sweeney is the most elusive of internet celebrities; he’s big on Tumblr. Though Tumblr never really caught on like the other social networking sites, Tumblr people are very serious about it, often only interacting with other Tumblr people. Jason’s also a web designer and developer. Jason’s Tumblr is called “I Am Your Canadian Boyfriend” and he’s amassed some 1,213,000 followers on Twitter.

Full list at The Frisky.

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  • shs

    ijustine was from http://www.justin.com and was his woman for the site. She moved to ijustin.com ? use google to find if not correct site, been a while since I have watched her & I don’t even know if she broadcast anymore.