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10 resolutions to refocus entrepreneurial ambitions

Is it necessary to create a whole new set of resolutions every year?

For the entrepreneur, this time of year presents the perfect opportunity to take stock and adjust accordingly so that this time next year, you can pat yourself on the back and continue moving forward.

1. Understand your finances.

Don’t think that understanding the basics of accounting is unnecessary just because you have an accountant or even your own accounting department. The thing is, all entrepreneurs should familiarize themselves with at least accounting basics since this will help them…

2. Improve your health.

How do you expect to effectively run a business if you’re exhausted and burnt out? You need to be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Give your immune system a boost. When you eat healthy and exercise, you are more productive and happier. That means you’ll have fewer sick days and get tasks accomplished on time. Good health habits help you avoid chronic diseases including hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

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