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10 warning signs an older adult needs help

Making the big decision to step in and assist an older adult can be a tricky one, especially when the person in question has been independent and proud of it for their entire lives. Though they may not come out and ask for help, there are clear signs the time has come to lend a hand.

As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more families are becoming part of the sandwich generation, caring for both young children and older parents or grandparents. Taking on the responsibility of caring for one’s parents is daunting, but the sooner a situation is brought under control, the better the outcomes for everyone involved.

Here are ten warning signs older adults need help from HealthLink:

  1. Mail and bills are piling up: A once-organized older adult now finds the task of opening, sorting and prioritizing mail overwhelming. Also, excessive involvement with junk mail can indicate difficulty with comprehension.

  2. Housekeeping change: A formerly tidy home now appears cluttered and dirty. Also, a refusal to discard trash can be a sign of behavioral change.

  3. Refrigerator change: Either less food or spoiled food with passed expiration dates can signal a problem. When shopping, cooking and eating become erratic, it’s time to intervene. Weight loss can also mean someone is forgetting to eat, skipping meals or relying on low nutrition snacks.

Full story at HealthLink.

The stage before hospice.

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