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10 similarities between choosing paint and choosing a partner

Brushes with color palette

You’d swear some people walked up to the oops shelf and picked out the first partner they found that wasn’t bright orange, but we all know a good bargain at first sight isn’t always the stuff of a long-term commitment.

That might have been the logic behind the comparison of paint color and partner choosing in this Babble post by MOMMYFRIEND.

Then again, it could have been the fumes.

Everlasting love?

In love: Sure this person is great now, but will they be the right match for you in the future? Will still not mind driving them around a year from now because of their lack of transportation and employment? When you’re ready to start a family, will they be a great parent, or just another kid to take care of?

In paint: Valspar Shoreline 3006-6B was everything it promised to be with its buttery beachy feel, but we didn’t find everlasting love. We couldn’t even hang with it a full 24 hours before we were back in the paint department starting from scratch.

Does it make you look good?

In love: No, I’m not talking arm candy. Does your partner bring out the best in you? Have the people in your circle noticed a positive change in you as a result of this person? These are all good signs that you’ve found a keeper!

In paint: Yes, I’m talking wall candy. Does this paint color complement your room, the rest of your home, your vision and the vibe you were trying to create? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the right match!

Full story at Babble.

Relationships that don’t clash.

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