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10 simple marketing tests to tweak your social media effectiveness

Most companies and brands are engaging in social media marketing, but measuring the effectiveness of those efforts is a crucial step to ensuring you’re on the right track.

Canva Design School’s Laura Busche outlines ten tests designed to do just that, including the helpful tools to guide you through the process.

Here’s a sample of the different experiments you can use to extend your reach.

01. Shift Your Images’ Focal Point: Objects VS. People

Try sharing the same post with a different image: one where the main center of attention is a person, and one where you are directing the viewer towards an object.

In a study about imagery in web design, a group of scientists found that human images with facial features induced a user to perceive a site as more appealing, having more warmth or social presence…

To try this method, follow these steps:

  1. Share a social media post attaching an image of an inanimate object
  2. Share the same social media post, attaching an image of a human face instead. Try to make this second post go out at a similar/identical time and day of the week to prevent other circumstances from affecting (and potentially confounding) your test’s results.
  3. Measure shares, views and comments to see how you audience reacts to each.

Full story at Canva Design School.

Honing your social media marketing.

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