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10 skills we wish we’d learned in school

Though diagramming a sentence was fun and we still have a vague recollection of how a lock and dam system works, there are plenty of lessons we wish we could have crammed into those twelve years of compulsory education that would have paid off big (or at least kept up from big payments) in the big, bad world greeting us after graduation.

There isn’t much we’d argue against in this list from Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker, but had they been part of the curriculum, there’s no doubt we would have found plenty to whine about.

And to all the algebra teachers out there, thank you; I use that stuff all the time. Seriously.

10. Computer Science

With all the emphasis on learning to code these days, it’s hard to believe most schools aren’t teaching computer science. According to Code.org, though, 9 out of 10 schools aren’t teaching coding classes—even though engineering and programming are among the fastest growing and most profitable professions today. Even if you don’t plan to become or raise a future programmer, learning to think like a computer scientist is a fundamental skill everyone could benefit from, similar to learning physics or English composition.

9. Speed Reading

Being a speed reader doesn’t make you a genius or necessarily help you truly comprehend books more than everyone else, but speed reading techniques can still be useful to know. Techniques like skimming, for example, to get a preview of a book before you dig in, and clustering the words you read to get the overall gist of a long piece quicker, could help time-strapped students with their incredibly long reading lists.

Comprehension is more important than churning through texts, but it’s nice to have a speed reading skill at your disposal even later in life.

Full story at Lifehacker via HASO.

The neverending process of education.

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  • There are so many things I would have liked to have learned in school like some of these ideas. Definitely one of the top is money management. I think I had a good basic knowledge from my parents, but many people get themselves into trouble early in life where if they had better education at a younger age on this topic would really help.