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10 things great vets do without you knowing

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Pet owners adore their animals, and putting them in someone else’s hands in a life or death situation can be a terrifying prospect.

That’s why finding a great vet — the one who tears up when they tell you they’ve done everything possible or gives your baby a nuzzle as soon as they walk in the door — is a glorious thing, indeed.

What you might not know about this great vet are these ten things explained by Dr. Laci at VetLive, which should definitely put them on your holiday cookie list for life.

Grieving with you.
When people find out I am a veterinarian, they always say, “I don’t know how your get used to that, putting animals down. I could never do that.” Well, we don’t get used to it. It never gets easy, and it’s something we have to mount up and do for the well-being of the pet and their pet parent. You may think this gets easier with time for your vet, but the truth is, most vets take it home with them. Not only the vets, but the staff as well. Your tears are not the only ones shed when that sad time comes, rest assured. We remember that face and that sloppy wet nose too.
Typing up personalized instructions for you to read at home with tests performed, your pet’s diagnosis, what that means, and the step-by-step home treatments.
This takes a tremendous amount of the veterinarian’s time. and we gain no revenue from this.  The vet that takes this time is out for your pet’s well-being, as we can do a stellar job in the hospital, but if the pet owner doesn’t understand what to do at home, the pet will remain sick.

Full story at VetLive.

Putting your pet in good hands.

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