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10 tips for building a stellar app

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On the one hand, creating apps is a booming industry with the potential to put your creation in the hands of almost everyone, but on the other hand, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Mashable’s Tim Ferriss boils down all-star app creator Chad Mureta’s advice for how to blast by the competition into ten steps to bolster your chances of success.

1. Get a Feel for the Market

As with any business, your success will directly relate to your understanding of the marketplace. The App Store and Google Play are the top marketplaces for the app business.

The best way to understand the App Store is to study Apple’s cheat sheet. The App Store displays the top-paid, top-free and top-grossing apps, almost in real time. Apple provides the same lists in the individual app categories.

Review these charts frequently, and keep a notebook of potential trends you spot. Doing this repeatedly will educate you on successful app design, marketing and various pricing models. The research you’re doing is simple, costs nothing and it’s actually fun.

2. Align Your Ideas with Successful Apps

How do you know if the market wants your app? Look at the Top Apps chart. Are apps like the one you want to create listed there? If yes, you’ve got a potential winner. If not, keep looking. It’s that simple.

“I can’t stress the importance of emulating existing apps enough,” Mureta says. “It’s easy for people to fall in love with their own idea, even if the market doesn’t show an appetite for it. But this is one of the most costly errors you can make.”…

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