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10 tips for using Pinterest well

1. Create very specific boards — Be creative with your board names and pick a theme per board.
2. Create a “completed pins” board — Show all your Pinterest handiwork on one board.
3. Follow a lot of people — If you like someone’s pins, make sure you follow them for more inspiration.
4. Pin items from your favorite websites or blogs
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Add a Chrome extension for Pinterest like Shareaholic for Pinterest for quick & easy pinning.

Make sure that you share your pins so people can find you on Pinterest. More Pinterest tips on my All Things Pinterest Board http://pinterest.com/pegfitzpatrick/all-things-pinterest/ {see what I did there?}

Happy pinning!

All the tips and more here http://www.themomcreative.com/2012/03/10-tips-for-using-pinterest-well.html [image from the article]

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