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10 tips on leadership from Tom Coughlin


Many coaches would be thrilled to have led their teams to victory over the Patriots, period, but the Giants’ Tom Coughlin has led two teams to the lofty perch of world champions not once, but twice.

Even if you were really only watching the big game for the commercials, Jon Gelberg at Inc. points out ten key tips on leadership from this victorious coach.

1. Get the most out of the talent you have: The great coaches in the NFL are the ones who are able to coax a performance from a player that exceeds his talent level. Just as Coughlin helped Victor Cruz grow from an unknown, undrafted wide receiver to become a pro Bowler, an effective CEO knows how to nurture talent, provide training, and reward performance.

2. Run a strict meritocracy. Starting spots in NFL rosters are given to players who produce. As much as an employee has produced in the past, if he no longer gets the job done, he’s out. David Tyree may have helped win one Super Bowl for the Giants, but he was long gone before this one.

3. Encourage internal competition. Every football team has a depth chart. The starting quarterback knows there’s a guy right behind him who would kill for his job. Every year there’s a training camp and very few starting jobs are etched in stone. In the business world, effective leaders let their employees know that initiative will be noticed and rewarded. Promotions based on merit (not just seniority) provide incentive to every member of a team and keep everybody on their toes.

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