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10 ways DVDs have changed the film industry


Since digital versatile disc (DVD) technology was first developed, the rise of the information industry has made its mark on everything from music to television to film.

Let’s take a look at the effects of the DVD — and the digital revolution it helped to bring about — on the film industry.

  • The VHS Revolution: Home video changed the entire business model of film, giving movies a second life and another chance at turning a profit, from right inside people’s homes.
  • Behind the Scenes: For example, commentary tracks give us an inkling of what the real actors who made the film are like, rather than just the characters they play. Tracks also give the director and producers a forum to share their own thoughts.
  • Theft, Bootlegging & Other Problems: DVDs can be hacked easily, copied and shared, and even the classic hand-filmed theater bootleg is much easier to sell or share now that digital networks are the norm.

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