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10 ways for writers to stay productive


It’s incredibly easy to get off track when a writer finds their ideas aren’t flowing, but often it’s the obstacles that have nothing to do with actually putting pen to paper, so to speak, that dam that creative energy.

Ben Ellis has been there, done that and discovered some non-writing-related problems that are easily overcome so that writers can get down to business, and keep their head in the game.

1. Ensure Laptop is Charged

It’s amazing the amount of times I’ve got a coffee, settled into a chair in a coffee shop, turned the laptop on only to be confronted with a solitary bar on the battery icon. Very annoying. If you’re going out, check the battery levels preferably a few hours ahead of time. A spare battery is a good back-up option to have.

2. Notepads Are More Mobile Than Laptops

One way to avoid a power shortage is to use a pen and paper. Another advantage is allowing you to write and make notes in far more places than a laptop does. There’s no need to worry about crumbs, sunlight, spilled coffee, over-heating, crashing, getting distracted by Twitter or Solitare, dropping it, getting a table in a coffee shop, waiting for it to boot-up, etc.

This mobility gives you the opportunity of going to different places which in turn should help keep your mind active and allow your ideas to flourish, unlike turning up to the same desktop computer day after day. I write my mobile number in my notepad in case I leave it behind anywhere.

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