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10 ways to draw advertisers to your blog


Make money from blogging? It’s a wonderful idea, but the key is to find advertisers who think your content can draw enough readers to make their investment profitable.

If you’re ready to give the dream a go, Anup Kayastha at ProBlogger has ten tips for wooing advertisers and set you on the path to a profitable blog.

1. Announce that you accept ads

Your blog must explicitly announce to the potential advertisers that it is ready to sell ads. Use an “Advertise with us” banner or message so that the advertisers know that they can buy space with you.

For example, look at the sidebar of this blog. There’s an image link which clearly mentions that ProBlogger accepts sponsor ads.

2. Create a specific page for ad information

Having a separate page that displays the information about ad space on your blog is very important.

Include information such as the blog’s niche, ad space rates, methods of payment, and your contact details. This shows how organized—and serious—you are about helping advertisers reach their audiences.

Take a look at the advertising page of John Chow’s site. When advertises land on that page, they can easily get the required information, like site stats, banner spot and sizes, space availability, and so on.

Full story at ProBlogger.

Advertising for your blog.

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