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10 ways to generate great content


If you’re going to be slogging in the blogging mines, you want to make sure to generate some valuable content, but doubts as to whether the ideas are original enough or appealing to the widest audience possible could be holding you back.

To ease those fears and make sure those ideas of yours aren’t simply fool’s gold, Kevin Gibbons at Econsultancy has ten tips for creating content for your business’ blog that will resound with your clientele.

1. Keyword research tools lack the creativity you need for great content

Let’s start with a common misconception I’ve found is that many people just assume that content strategy is just keyword research. It’s not! Keyword research lacks the creativity that you really need for outstanding content.

If no-one’s ever searched for your idea before and it has a low search volume, that’s probably a good thing – so if you use it, flip it on its head. Look for content that people aren’t looking for, and show them something new instead.

A keyword research tool just isn’t going to give you content ideas like this!

From an SEO perspective – it’s obviously important to consider keywords. But in order to create the best possible content to resonate with you audience, it’s really not. Aim to make an impact and you’ll generate lots of online attention and great links. If you can do a good job on that, SEO should be the easy part!

2. Talk to your team/clients

You want to find out what information and data you already have that’s unique and interesting. You might have to dig deep on this, but we often find that clients don’t always realise information they own exists – and they certainly don’t always realise it can be used for marketing purposes.

This is where you can really make your content unique, when you use your own data and research – take the Econsultancy/Outbrain content marketing survey results as an example. You can present data and information that is new and hasn’t been seen before.

And you’re the original source – so everyone is going to credit you for it when it’s shared. That’s perfect – you’ll letting your content naturally do its own outreach!

Full story at Econsultancy.

Creating a content gold mine.

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