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10 ways to get more page followers on Google+


Trying to get more out of your Google+ account? HubSpot offers ten ways to make your Google+ account more valuable—and therefore more popular. For example:

Share Your Awesome Content: Another way to create a truly valuable Google+ Page that naturally attracts followers is to share remarkable content — blog articles, links to landing pages for ebooks, webinars, etc. Pay attention to what types of content your followers are responding to, and adapt your strategy to include more of that content. Engage your followers in discussions by asking questions and requesting feedback.

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  • Scott Bartell

    It’s interesting how I keep seeing posts similar to this pop up recently. It seems that everyone is looking for a silver bullet approach to getting Google+ followers. I really don’t think that one exists and if it does I would argue that you would only have low quality followers who care very little about what you have to say.

    I think that you really need to take a passive approach when attempting to build your following. (rather than an active one). I wrote more about why this is important here: http://www.scottbartell.com/obtaining-google-followers-the-correct-way-passively