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10 ways to improve your wireless signal

We all know the frustration of poor wireless signal. Usually our first instinct is to blame the provider. Instead of getting mad, though, how about trying one or more of these ten tricks to boost your signal. For example, make sure your router is in the best place––you may have to test several places to see which gives you the best signal.

Another easy trick is to change the wireless channel. You can use a simple channel tool to help you pick the most effective channel. See the full article for those tools, as well as some other helpful hints.

Full story at Lifehacker.

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  • Matt

    I hate these “gateway” articles. If you don’t have content, don’t publish links.
    Is the clickthru worth the Ill will?

  • Turin

    Fully agree with Matt. Even worse is that it doesn’t display correctly on iPad.

  • 9/10 I won’t go to the article if I’ve been Scammed using these gateway links.- liken now.

  • Horrible waste of my time. Publish content please. Make sure the router is in a good position? Really.

  • How the hell did this peice of crap gateway article get featured on All Top? ??

  • Joy Wilkins

    I feel the same way…what a waste of time on these links!

  • lunaeros

    Noticing a trend here, ALLTOP?

    Your readers don’t like this bait and switch of link only publishing.

    Publish the damn content!