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10 ways to make traveling for business a pleasure

Traveling for business is a necessary evil for many jobs, yet there are simple ways frequent travelers have found to make the going easier.

Inc. caught up with ten people who are often on the road to find out how they add a twist of pleasure to business trips.

Travel Light

“Packing smart and only taking the bare minimum will make you more nimble and less stressed. You won’t have to check your bags, so there is no risk of losing them, and you don’t have to wait for them to be unloaded. You can be in and out of the airport quickly! Also, if you are rerouted or delayed, you have the flexibility to take any plane or carrier with no extra baggage fee. The result is that you are relaxed and can focus on important things, like preparing for your meetings or creative problem solving.”

Julia Langkraehr, EO UK-London
Founder, Bold Clarity

Find Local Music

“For every business trip, I check and see if there is any live music playing that my clients or associates might enjoy. The smaller the venue the better. Anyone can arrange a dinner, but choosing an up-close, live music event helps you stand apart from the pack and is a memory that you can share. It’s also a more casual experience, enabling bonding at a more intimate level.”

Matt Zemon, EO Raleigh Durham
CEO, American Support and COO, LiveAnswer

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Travel made easier.

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