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10 ways to put professional skills to work volunteering


Non-profits have been feeling a serious pinch since the Great Recession and many haven’t gotten the word that times are getting better in terms of donations of either time or money. If you have skills to offer as well as the time and inclination to give a little something back, Auren Kaplan at CauseCast has ten ways you – and the non-profits you support – may not have considered as volunteer opportunities.

1. Accounting and Finance

….help manage a nonprofit’s books and develop a bookkeeping system. Or develop an operating budget for an organization lacking in-house expertise.

2. Design

…assist a nonprofit with graphic design for pamphlets, event invitations or one-pagers. Or help design a logo, merchandise or website.

3. Fundraising

….bring donors in the door. Crowdfunding is a big buzzword these days, and for good reason – it’s a great way to build a groundswell of support around a cause. You can help a nonprofit organize a crowdfunding campaign, assist with a donor relations strategy or assemble a grant proposal budget.

4. Marketing

…help nonprofits with their brand messaging or copywriting. Online marketers can help start a Google Adwords campaign or with search engine optimization (SEO).

Full story at CauseCast via Good.is.

Ways to volunteer.

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