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10-year-old’s Banksy-inspired street art


After watching Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop, little Gracie Zenz was convinced she had found her future career as a street artist extraordinaire, but her dad, children’s author Aaron Zenz, had a few reservations about his darling daughter wandering the streets, paint in hand.

Not wanting to squelch her creativity, though, he came up with a plan:

I bought a big sack of rocks, washed them, and painted the base colors. Then Isaac, Gracie, Lily, and I each claimed a color and decorated them with as many faces and expressions as we could thing of. 48 rocks in all. […]

Hopefully we were able to spread a little happiness to anyone who stumbled across these little guys.

Police record averted, joy spread. Now that’s a good day’s work. Excellent job, Isaac, Gracie and Lily!

Full story at Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty via The Daily What.

The art of happiness.

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  • Don Plin

    now lets trow those stons to some target to make it more efective !!!