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100 most beautiful English words


Long-time poet and word aficionado, Robert Beard, has compile a list of the 100 most beautiful words in the English language to spice up your writing in the new year and beyond. The diehard logophile will likely want to pick up a copy of his books, but for the casual reader looking for a new way to entice the ladies into coming back to the pad to check out those etchings, a sampling will do.

Who knows? Tonight’s assemblage may find you starting 2011 in a dalliance with a becoming ailurophile.

Ailurophile: A cat-lover.

Assemblage: A gathering.

Becoming: Attractive.

Beleaguer: To exhaust with attacks.

Brood: To think alone.

Bucolic: In a lovely rural setting.

Chatoyant: Like a cat’s eye.

Dalliance: A brief love affair.

Full story at Alpha Dictionary.

Words as poetry.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m impressed that I already knew the meaning to 5/8 words listed above. Way to go Public School education!