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100 ways to generate ideas


Whether we’re painting, writing, designing – whatever – it’s natural (and frustratingly common) to reach a point where our idea resevoir is completely drained. Next time you’re feeling that way, head over to one hundred ways to find ideas. It’s designed with bloggers in mind, but really – it can be useful for anyone.

One of the ways listed is to visit TED.com, where you can watch people discuss the latest trends in technology, entertainment, design – virtually anything.

Another idea stimulator is to talk with children. Kids can come up with the most ridiculous, brilliant, and innovative ideas. Also, they speak the truth without fear, and you can experience mundane aspects of life in an exciting new way – through their eyes.

Check out all the idea sources, and soon you’ll be struggling to keep that muse under control.

Lots more innovation inspiration.

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  • Steven Sentosa

    It seems that lifesnips’ server is down now. You still can check it out using Google Cache though. Thanks for posting.